Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

Spoilers Spoilers !!!
What a polarizing film.On first viewing at the theaters back in December 2017 I walked out happy as hell .ONE because I do like The Force Awakens and the end of that film brought the wonder of Star Wars back and TWO Rogue One was awesome and I feel that it’s the best movie that Disney has made from Star Wars.Until multiple viewings I loved TLJ but I started noticing real problems with it on about the 5th viewing . This film has incredible shots and the snoke throne room scene is incredible but the handling of LUKE SKYWALKER is something that can’t be forgiven .If he lived at the end of the film then everything before would be cool but he doesn’t .Rey ,Poe,and Finn are not progressed in any way and are incredibly dull but somehow Kylo Ren is incredible and Snoke is actually badass for the couple minutes he’s in .The whole Finn ,Rose Tiko and Benicio casino shit should have been scraped completely and the story in general has issues .The biggest issue is that Rian Johnson is trolling the franchise and it comes off incredibly ....StupId and not original and not in place with STAR WARS !!at all!!.Yoda is cool ,John Williams soundtrack is great ,and for what scenes Luke and leia have there great .Adam Driver is the saving grace of this film and trilogy but man THE LAST JEDI stalled the entire trilogy and the director and producer of the film have yet to blame themselves for this weird divide they created in the Star Wars fanbase.

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