The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow ★★½

I honestly don't know how to rate this film, cause I don't have any clue on what the budget and production history looked like. To me, it needed a bit more meat on it's bones, so to speak. Nice through line for the story and a wonderful ambiguity when it comes to the concrete backstory if the protagonist. Also some dynamic montages and atmospheric shot compositions (especially in the beginning). The antagonist of the movie, the title giving Scarecrow, is a bit underutilized sadly. The costume-design looks cheap, and should've been hidden a bit more through the use of clever lighting and framing (I also think the reveal of it comes too early and is underwhelming in some ways). Also I didn't quite understand it's connection with the protagonist's conflict, seeing how a scarecrow isn't a official motif of fear (if we don't count it's interpretation in the batman mythos). Some of the ADR is also off, especially in the end of the film (the filmmakers probably knew about that issue, cause there is almost no dialogue in the first half of the movie). I think the middle part of the feature, more less the whole "stalking of the victim" part could've been extended. A few more POVs of the antagonist, for example. Also play up the interventions of the "Scarecrow"! The idea with the coat was very clever, and could've served as a haunting realization, rather than being shrugged off like this. The movie is color graded pretty well, some tracking shots needed more of a steady hand (I guess a dolly wasn't available, which is perfectly understandable) and the score or more so sound-design was very competent (just played up a bit too much, here and there). Did not like the end credits music tho. A bit too much. Probably inspired by Sam Raimis Evil Dead, but didn't fit that well. A 2,5 really isn't meant in a negative way, just to clarify. I simply jugded it as a short movie, and for that, I think there could've been more creative ways to execute the concept (which is good). That's why I view it as an average horror short film (which again, doesn't mean it's a bad one).

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