Dunkirk ★★★★½

before dunkirk, the last movie I saw in IMAX was a movie about sea monsters in 3D at the new england aquarium. my heart was pounding and i was terrified from all the sounds and scenes, and that was 10 years ago. 

ten years later, I'm 21 and I'm watching this in IMAX on 70mm. dunkirk exceeded my expectations, especially when i'm not a big fan of war movies. the sounds were so loud and off guard that I was on the fucking EDGE of my seat and my heart was pounding. the cinematography was beautiful, the score was absolutely flawless, and i actually did like the fractured storyline (even when it did confuse me at times). other than some minor issues, this movie delivers in giving me a first seat experience of the horrors of war. it was so chilling that I had to compose myself minutes later.

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