Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

this movie was wild from start to finish. that being said i think i interpreted the film much differently than what it was supposed to portray. 

prior to the movie i was skeptical bc i’ve seen people say that it’s a pro ~blue lives matter~ movie and that already made me go uuuuGGGGHhhhhg because f da police. now that i’ve seen it i don’t think it’s pro-cop at all. maybe i’m reading it differently, and i know there’s definitely the good cop/bad cop trope in it, but if anything it showed me how cops are such trash and they still WERE TRASH by the end of the movie!!!!! 

sam rockwell’s character redemption arc doesn’t really feel like a redemption story to me. sure he did a good thing escaping the police station fire, keeping the file for mildred, and trying to get that rapist caught in the bar. BUT HES STILL A PIECE OF SHIT. didn’t change my mind about him one bit because he’s still a horrible person who’s racist as fuck and he threw a guy out of the window! do you really think that was going to change my mind???

that being said you couldn’t root for any of the characters. and i think that was a good thing. three billboards is basically “White People Are Trash: The Movie” and it drew me in for that. it acknowledged that these people were truly horrible (mildred included) and even by the end you knew the two main characters were still fucked up. i didn’t like the fact that it used racism and homophobia as just random sticking points that went nowhere but that wasn’t the core point of the film (now if you ARE looking for that vastly superior oscar film that tackles race and/or sexuality flawlessly go watch get out & moonlight!!!!) honestly those bits were only there to remind us that these people are trash and not to be liked or admired or even feel sympathetic to. it was all about mildred seeking justice to her daughter who was unjustly killed and raped.  

also. nah at those slurs just being slurred like nothing. i know they were supposed to Make A Point (re: my last paragraph) but nah. 

i haven’t seen some of the other contenders yet but tell me how this is supposed to be the front runner for best picture??? it’s a solid film (and better than Manchester by the Sea that’s for sure) but certainly not oscar worthy. frances’s performance was strong when she was angry but it did fall flat when she tried to strike other emotion - it felt too animated. also sam rockwell just was angry and drunk so idk how he’s getting acclaim.  

didn’t put me to sleep though!

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