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  • Pompo: The Cinéphile

    Pompo: The Cinéphile

    This really tests the idea that a good ending can make a whole film better. The final moment is a fun callback that manages to succeed at being what I think the rest of the film was trying to be: a wry but ultimately loving portrayal of filmmaking in the studio system. Everything before that though? Woof.

    If you took the filmmaking style of the Kissing Booth movies (endless montages, multiple unmotivated climaxes, the brightest possible colors), applied it to…

  • Project A-Ko

    Project A-Ko

    Total slop that is redeemed by three major factors:

    1. It's really funny
    2. The animation is gorgeous
    3. There's so much gay shit

    Ultimately, it's another anime about how awesome anime is, but there's a certain charm to watching something like that from the 80s. The anime bullshit from that era has mostly disappeared, so I don't have the frame of reference i have for modern anime bullshit. This is also interested in exploring what makes the goofy tropes…

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