Dora and the Lost City of Gold ★★★

Can you say this movie was not that bad?

I’ll wait...

The girl who played Dora for the most part found the right balance of being like the character from the show and still being smart. She is the best thing about the movie. The callbacks at times were pretty funny. One of the best scenes in the movie was when Dora has a conversation with her grandma. That scene was too good for this movie. Most of the characters are mostly just types with no real character to them. When the movie turns into some Tomb Raider type stuff, the movie begins to loose its mind, but I admire the movie for going nuts despite how stupid it got. The movie struggled to balance the self aware factor and being too serious at times, so the result was no balance. This was when Swiper came in and the movie became a big wtf in the best way. Boots also had a moment where he looked at Dora like “you would die doing something stupid like that”. The locations they go to also are not convincing what so ever. It looks like foam and plastic was used to make some trees and flowers.,

Overall, this is a movie that will get hate from peopel just based on the idea of it existing. There are much worse movies out there that do what this movie does but to a much lesser degree. It was a fun time for an ok movie.

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