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This review may contain spoilers.

Trigger Warning for assault 

It is impossible for me to talk about something like this due to my bias in regards to copping with my own experience that never go justice. I don’t like how some people are having to explain to others why they misunderstood the movie. Telling them why it works. Sorry, it is not really gonna be your place to tell some people, regardless of their sex or gender expression why the movie works. My experience with something like this is different from other people who have gone through this. Those voices should be listened to rather than mansplained to. 

Something like this movie was at first cathartic, but soon became a harass critique at how society fails people. I know my experience is not the same to what women go through in regards to the subject, but the bittersweet self destructiveness of ones self is something that spoke to me so much. The damage that is created after everything is said and done. A harsh look at the failures of our world. As I am sitting here typing all of this, I thought to myself how this harass examination cannot truly be cathartic. It might have hints of it, but until we can actually bring people like that to justice in the really world, then I am not sure if a different ending would have worked for me personally. If the ending was the opposite of what happened, it would have felt like to me the same issue I have with other movies that tackle hard subject matter. Thanks to the false sense of security at first presented , the ending turned into how so much damage and destruction has to happen before anything is achieved. That is a cycle that needs to stop. 

If you have a victim of abuse, do not watch this alone if you still want to watch it. I am glad I had someone with me to watch this with. I totally understand why some people do and do not want to watch this based on what they have gone through. I had to see this for myself. 

After what happened to me a good couple years back, it really did change how I am with certain people. When I would hear certain people talk about the opposite sex, it would piss me off. It caused me to people around people who made me feel insecure and powerless about myself, like how I felt in that previous situation I was in. It even made me put on a fake persona and hide who I really wanted to be. And some of these people were really good people. Just for me, my true self knew that wasn’t good for me. Even when I was an on campus resident assist and instructor at my college I went to, I got confronted by people I knew who were just like the guys in this movie. When I said how they were in the wrong, I was the jerk who didn’t understand how they didn’t mean for it to happen. To that I say FUCK THAT. Even when I reported the stuff, nothing was done. Shit. Must. Change. People not doing anything about this stuff pisses me off. 

I am glad something like this exist, but I also hate that it has to. I never disclosed what happened in my past on other social media, but here I feel the need to in order to express why it worked for me so much. I’ve been much better years after what happened, but I still have things to work through. Glad I have great friends now, family, and mentors who support me on my journey. So yeah, let people have differing opinions on something likes. The opinions for this movie are valid and should be heard. Not corrected. If you engaged in that behavior, you are no better than the people in this movie.

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