Skyfall ★★★★★

The past can help us 

Forge ones self discovery 

About knowing yourself

Love Skyfall! One aspect that continues to get better on each viewing is Bond questioning if he is now becoming a relic of the past that cannot keep up with the desires of a technology driven world that now expects more from human performance. Bond throughout most of the movie is consistently trying to fight his thoughts about believing he is not good enough for the current world, until he realizes that he is not outdated if he adapts to his environment. Adapting to world where people aren’t as easily fooled by his actions and aren’t as easily identifiable as evil. 

Rather than being driven to do action by only relying on what has always worked for him, Bond actions become rooted in merging the past and the present. It is a great way of indicating to himself and that world that progress, adapting, and change cannot happen unless we learn from the past and rework old methods to forge a better future for ourselves. All of this is explored through bonds relationships to M and Silva, who is the embodiment of the tropes of his past enemies and his insecurities about how unpredictable the current world is. Bond’s confrontation with Silva is less about saving the the world and more so confronting someone who embodies the worst parts of Bonds psyche in regards to his ego. 

Bond confronting his ego that is rooted in the insecurity of his vulnerability makes him realize how important his relationships with people. Rather than interacting with people has objects that only help him reach his objectives, Bond comes to the realization that his relationships mean more to him than he realizes. Silva views his men as mere objects to reach his goal. A great foil to Bond who, in his history of the franchise, has normally treated those around him. Bonds final confrontation with Silva is all about letting go trying to make the new world into the old one that is easier to understand. Fighting the very thing about himself that he must let go; ego in the self so he can embrace the concept of loyalty to his relationships rather than just a larger nation. Skyfall is so beautiful,

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