Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

I really dug how this movie is showing how Peter is trying so hard to have his relationship with others define his self concept, even though it is harmful to him. The arc of a child transitioning into an adult through trial and error by getting a compromise with the connections he has. I like how peter has to question who does he identify with? His former social circles or the world that continues to pull him into an adult setting? It’s amazing how the kid wanted to go into a world of fantasy like one tries so hard to escape into when they watch entertainment to someone who not realizes the downside of the fantasy world he dreamed of being part of is not exactly what he wants now. It especially plays into the meta commentary from Mysterio that brings up how people will pay attention to anything visuals but not the work of those who do not do it for another’s entertainment expected expectation purposes. It’s a great contrast to peter wanting to escape the harsh realities of the world. Peter is us. We try at times to escape the hardships of the world, but like Peter, we can’t. We cannot escape cause these experiences shape who we are and even inspires some of us to realize that we have what it takes to go into the real world to make a difference. We just need to realize that. Like how Peter must realize that. Cause if he ignores the problem, he becomes part of the problem. 

He is literally far from home cause he starts far away from understanding that he defines who he is. He tries to fit in this time around by focusing on little day to day scopes of life but ultimately knows that there is a higher calling for him. I’ve notice that peter does not seem to breathe much in the movie cause he seems to still be suffocating over the events of Endgame and doesn’t know how to process it. Despite my issues with his classmates, it works as a double edge sword to show how Peter views them now after all he has experienced in such a short time. He tries to fit in with their care free attitude, but he realizes that doing so has larger consequences due to his responsibility. He still has this self concept about himself that he needs someone to look up to rather than being the idol others look up to. 

Making Mysterio’s presence an is an attack on Peters self concept and self esteem by playing with the themes of illusions in the film. The theme of illusions makes Peter question in many ways what is it in the world that is really giving him doubt? Peter has to fight his own illusions that he has created and have been built upon to realize that he is a hero without having his identity define by others. Doing so, he has the overcome his false illusions that he can be like his classmates, He is trying to grasp on to illusions that are rooted in his lack of emotional awareness that causes him to experience so much cognitive dissonance in certain situations. 

He eventually realizes that he has to strive to be the better version of himself by acknowledging that he had the ability to do so. He removed his emotional barriers that helps him turn his self esteem into a weapon of his own to win the day. This is all displayed in the final set piece of the movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. Gave me some spider man 2 vibes action wise. 

I understand this not being a spider man that works for everyone and that is fine. Watching spider mans journey in the mcu has been great for me cause by rewatching far from from, I realized his arc spoke to me more than I thought it did despite my minor nitpicks of the movie. I thoroughly enjoy this one. This is growing on me a lot. Also, that new suit slaps and you bet I have done a full run of spider man ps4 in the far from home suit.

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