The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

Thought I would check out another movie from the director of the Three Colors trilogy. Glad this movie did not disappoint! I love the usage of color throughout the movie. The colors seem to almost be a warning of going to far in seeking validation from the wrong sources. The wrong sources that see you as a means to validate themselves and nothing more. 

The movie explores an individual who has to come to terms with how their life could have been different if they made different decisions. A story about a character reflecting on how their choices can have an impact on their life going forward. I love how the camera frames certain scenes to present how a feels that there is no control of how their life turns out. The usage of colors and mirrors in different scenes is a effective way to show how a character projects their own insecurities and short comings in life onto to others who they perceive to be a better version of them. The more one projects their insecurities onto someone they view as better, the more me RA turmoil they experience when they superior individual is shown to be limited like anyone else in controlling what happens to them. 

The movie can be viewed as a haunting experience about how ones life could have been like. Véronique’s existential moments about missing a part of herself that she thinks could have made her whole leads her into an experience of reminding herself not to judge what you see at face value. Someone else’s life might seem better at face value, but they too feel as if their outcome in life are being controlled by some sort of puppeteer. The sad reality is that sometimes the ones we seek validation from are the ones who end up using us as puppets since they too only view us at face value.  Sometimes it takes escaping the sources that minimize our existence to began truly validating ourselves.

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