The United States vs. Billie Holiday

The United States vs. Billie Holiday ½

The fucking nerve to release this pathetic half ass piece of shit at the end of black history month. Some will think this is ok, but not me. This movie can kiss the phat end of my black ass.

The disgusting misguided failure to show the intersection between black trauma, drug addiction, ones expression of their oppression, and white supremacy makes me so mad. Instead, we have an overly visually styled movie to overcompensate for the lack of empathy and depth that is missing for Billie’s character. The way black femininity and the expression of a black woman is portrayed compared to the black masculinity we see is so damn counter productive. 

Fuck Lee Daniels. He does nothing besides over stylize black trauma for shock value. No depth. No deeper understanding of what is going on. Just scenes of “look how fucked up this is”. That is it. This movie just takes a shit on a legend who went through a lot. Nothing about Billie’s Holiday is genuine here. Nothing that made her seem so empathetic through her hardships is presents. This is such a fucking awful introduction for people. It only frames her as someone talented who had a drug problem and nothing else. And the dialogue here that is presented to make a point about racism and how it corrupts is about as laughable as people loving Joe Biden because he isn’t Trump.

Andra Days performance is not enough to save this. Everyone around her is just a puppet to make a broad generalized points about complex issues. Fuck this movie and fuck you Lee Daniels. Again, the fucking nerve to release this at the end of black history month.

Also, one of the last few shots of the movie is so damn disrespectful. 

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