Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★½

I was afraid going into Inside Llewyn Davis because I thought I wouldn't enjoy the music, which is an important part of the film and unfortunately, right off the bat those fears were solidified. I don't hold it against the film, but I didn't enjoy the music really. I respect it, I appreciate it.

I like the idea of Llewyn being the cat, because in all honestly he really is, he leaves the Gorfein's, runs around town stirring up shit and after a few days he's back scratching at their door. As for the second cat, that's the cat Llewyn could've been, limping off through the trees with his damaged pride/ego, in the direction of Akron.

I enjoyed the cyclical aspect of the film with the beginning being the end and the end being the beginning, however I felt the middle portion to be slightly uneventful and a tad boring. Maybe the Coen Brothers thought that the strength of the beginning and end, and its cleverness would make up for the listless ambling within the Bressonian trip to Chicago.

Oscar Isaac killed it.
Carey Mulligan cannot's sounds terrible and wrong, that should stop...let's not do that again.

An enjoyable enough meh film for me overall.

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