RoboCop ★★★½

I've always been confused by the absolute love and praise directed towards director Paul Verhoeven, but I will say that his films are usually entertaining and fun...usually. RoboCop happens to be the most entertaining film in his filmography, a fantastic mixture of a gory, action film filled with terrible dialogue, shitty acting, great special effects equaled by the just-as-bad stop motion animation, '80s camp...all with an undercurrent of biting social commentary.

Things I enjoyed:
- TJ Lazer
- The fact that Officer Anne Lewis is introduced as this awesome, kick-ass police officer, but quickly devolves into one of the most incompetent cops in Old Detroit.
- When faced with the decision of arresting a known cop killer or catching a glimpse of some dick, Officer Lewis picks the glimpse of dick.
- Felton Perry as Johnson...just everything made me laugh.
- "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
- I cannot decide which is worst, the Detroit in RoboCop or actual, real-life Detroit.
- Cox's laugh
- Emil's hair
- Dick Jones once called the old man a boner
- He also, even one time, called him an asshole
- Dick Jones then threatens Morton by caressing his hair (or he wants to make out, I'm not sure) and calling him "Buddy boy".
- Dick Jones is outta control with the threatening language!
- Boddicker saying "Guns! Guns! Guns!"
- Murphy is shot about 30 times...even one to the face...still alive.
- Emil decides to finish his cigarette (about 3 drags worth) while gasoline is spraying everywhere and RoboCop's reminiscing or some shit.
- Nuke Em the board game...I honestly want to play this.
- "Pakistan is threatening my borders!"
- "Murphy!...I'm a mess" - Officer Lewis
- Emil driving straight into a silo of toxic waste because...why not, fuck it, the movie has everything else.
- Toxic Waste Emil getting hit by a car and instantly turning into liquid.
- When RoboCop starts shooting Dick Jones, off to the right you see Felton Perry's Johnson character jump up from the table with a look of childlike giddyness, as if in his mind he's yelling "Shoot him out the window! Shoot him out the window!" and when RoboCop does, indeed, shoot him out the window, Johnson looks over to RoboCop and shots him a smile and thumbs up
-Felton Perry, you are the best
- The puppet they use for Dick Jones falling, the one with the arms three times too long...good job, guys.

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