Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Grade: GOOD

Spider-Man: Far from Home not only is a great epilogue to the Infinity Saga, but the film is also a compelling look into the future of the MCU.

The main strength of the film for me is in the chemistry of the cast. Holland, Gyllenhaal, and Zendaya perform convincingly in their individual roles, but the movie really soars because of their interactions. You can feel Parker's desperation as he searches for direction and finds false shelter with Beck. Similarly, I genuinely felt happy seeing Parker and MJ laying the groundwork for one of the greatest relationships in all of comics.

I have read that many viewers did not enjoy the MCU's version of Mysterio, but I thought his storyline was clever and tied in well with the legacy of the Iron Man films. Or maybe I am just so damn happy to see Gyllenhaal in the MCU that I would have bought any storyline hook, line, and sinker.

Yes, the movie has some glaring faults. The CGI at certain points was surprisingly bad, mainly when supporting characters are running away from disaster and some Spider-Man action moments. The overall storyline, while enjoyable, feels like "been there done that". And where are all the superheroes that weren't mentioned by Fury? You would think that if there was a potential earth-ending threat Fury would have called in Falcon or Ant-Man to assist Spider-Man.

Also, the MCU superhero movie formula (often imitated but never duplicated) is getting somewhat tiresome and predictable; however, I will continue to enjoy these movies because I continue to connect with and care about the characters.

I watch movies to connect with characters first and foremost, which then increases the impact of what happens in a movie. Marvel has a long history of connecting the audience with characters, both hero and villain, and Spider-Man: Far from Home is no different.

P.S. Tony Stark was mentioned so many times that this movie could almost be called Iron Man 4!

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