Suspiria ★★★★★

I had forgotten how great this film is.

Josef could honestly be one of my favorite characters of all time and he’s such a great addition to the story. I generally like what was added to and changed about the story. To put lore from Inferno and Mother of Tears in this was a smart move. Parts of this film even feel more like Mother of Tears (By that I don’t mean that it’s goofy like MoT, but especially the ending of it reminded me visually a lot of it) rather than Suspiria, but for the most part it just does its own things, which is something I absolutely love about this Remake. In terms of cinematography it looks nothing like the original, but it still looks great in a very different way and while the set up of the story is the same as in Argento’s film, throughout the film it changes drastically from the source material. The incredible Score by Thom Yorke  is also very different from the original, but as good if not even better.

Another incredible part of this film are the performances. I really like Chloe Grace Moretz in this film, even tho her character isn’t much in it. Dakota Johnson gives the best performance of her career as the main character of the film Suzy Bannion. But one performance (that I already mentioned before) overshadows every other one (and rightfully so) and that would be Tilda Swinton’s performance or should I better say performances, because Tilda decided that one great performance wasn‘t apparently enough. So she does not only play Madame Blanc (the dance teacher at the academy, who is middle aged French women), but also the incredibly disgusting centuries old head of the coven Mother Markos (who is like the complete opposite of Blanc) and the German Dr. Josef Klemperer, who is plagued by the guilt of his past. There was never even a second where I didn’t buy these characters. I literally thought that Josef was played by an elderly German actor of whom I‘ve had never heard of, because Swinton speaks perfect fluent German when she plays Klemperer (and I can judge this, German is my mother tongue), but she speaks broken with an accent when she plays Blanc. Every single one of her performances in this film are incredible and she honestly should’ve won the Oscar for best supporting actress that year. It is something I‘ve never seen another actor do and it perfectly shows what Swinton is capable of.

I mean what is there more to say than that this film is an absolute masterpiece. 


I would be really interested in seeing a remake of Inferno handled by Guadagnino, because it’s almost like the complete opposite of this film with its neon drenched visuals and its fever dream like story.

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