The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor ★★★★

Ok so forreal review this time:

I can see why people are upset (besides the obvious reasons) cuz Bly Manor is definitely NOT as scary as Hill House. Not as many jump scares, or atmospheric scares, or any of the horror that accompanied the emotion of HH, or any of Flanagan's previous work really.

But boy oh boy you sure do get THE emotions.

The focus of Bly being the emotional aspects surrounding death doesn't scare you, not the way a haunted house is "supposed" to scare you. It makes you sad. It tears at your heart. It rips your insides. You recognize these emotions on the screen because you've felt them before. If you've lost someone you have (and who hasn't lost someone?)

You feel seen after watching this season. You feel known.

And what's more horrifying than being known?

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