Dark Waters ★★★★

A young woman from London travels to a convent off the coast of Ukraine to see a friend of hers who is visiting there. The convent houses a secretive order of nuns and initiates who practice macabre rituals and devote time to reassembling the pieces of a broken stone carving of an entity. Check the poster to see it. They keep separate pieces of it in ornate boxes hidden away in the catacombs of the convent. That's where they practice rituals as well, in this underground netherworld that looks forbidding AF. The film has a creepy atmosphere throughout and one nasty kill in the first quarter that sets up the main idea that the order has long since gone off on a wicked tangent. I'd say the first fifteen minutes are really great horror followed by some meandering and then reemergence of more great horror. It seems to follow that pattern throughout which is good because you know there's always something squirmy that'll come up.

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