The Witchmaker

The Witchmaker ★★★½

The film tries to make wacky parts into serious horror and actually kind of works, due in large part to the eerie Louisiana bayou setting, the Bavaesque lighting and color, and the plot. The witchmaker would fit the definition of a serial killer but is actually known as a berserk which is an ancient title, and he wishes to convert one woman, who is part of a group on a research project, into the 13th witch in his coven because she has the power even though she's not quite aware of it. Big party scene in his covenstead where he summons the 12 witches to gather for the induction ceremony of the prospect, where she'll sign her name in blood while her friends try to save her. The thing kind of seems like a Beach Party movie set in a primordial swamp with a taste of 70s horror.

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