They Have Changed Their Face

They Have Changed Their Face ★★★★

Two personalities meet at a secluded villa in the Italian mountains, one played by Adolfo Celli and the other by Giuliano Esperanti. Celli's a mega capitalist who owns a wide range of industries and seeks control over minds in order to steer tastes and politics of the masses his way, which is kind of totalitarian. Esperanti arrives at the villa in the mountains ready to accept an offer to be CEO at a Celli owned auto company. The villa is situated in mountains often shrouded in fog outside a village where no one speaks. The main question is if Esperanti, a young engineer somewhere in the middle of the social and economic class structure. will go over to the Celli dark side since Celli's name in the film is Giovanni Nosferatu. Is Celli a vampire or what, and is the film using the vampire identity as an analogy to capitalism turning the masses into a class of consumer slaves of a bloodsucking capitalist? Esperanti eavesdrops in on a meeting of managers and a crazy advertising executive influenced by Fellini and Godard, and a campaign to sell LSD to the masses. Celli's security forces patrol the grounds of the villa in white Fiats, which there's nothing particularly scary about, but the message seems to be something about technology, so he doesn't employ German Shepherds or Dobermans, but then again men have to drive the Fiats. The film's validity is still with us today about the terror of technology even if the director Corrado Farina couldn't have known his film was so futuristic.

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