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  • Kids vs. Aliens

  • We're All Going to the World's Fair

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  • Kids vs. Aliens

    Kids vs. Aliens

    When I interviewed Jason Eisener for a student newspaper 12 years ago (👴🏻) he said his goal for Hobo with a Shotgun was to make a movie full of those little moments from exploitation movies that get uploaded to YouTube and shared by horror fans ("Gaaarbage Daay!" and the like) and that's still the MO here. Every little moment is heightened and turned up to 11. It's a formula that works better when you have Rutger Hauer at the centre…

  • We're All Going to the World's Fair

    We're All Going to the World's Fair

    Went in prepared to dislike this movie but ended up thinking it was pretty cool. Gotta separate the artist from the art. Jane Schoenbrun is like Woody Allen that way.

Popular reviews

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Like Ready Player One, this is a film that gives the audience a world that absolutely sucks shit, and resolves itself by saying that it's Actually Good and you, the audience, must not only accept this new reality, but enjoy it as well. You will live in the pod and eat the bugs and be happy, etc.

    Unlike Spielberg, the "Daniels" are dogshit storytellers. This film is 2.5 hours long because every new piece of information is delivered through tortured…

  • Rifkin's Festival

    Rifkin's Festival

    Distributors were right to blacklist Woody Allen’s latest. Repressed American audiences will never be able to handle the sheer sexual magnetism of Wallace Shawn in this role.