Annette ★★★★½

Since my first review was kind of a joke and I actually did say things about it online, here’s my Twitter thread about it.

Second time watching this in a week and it still hits like a fucking freight train! Imagine being as influential/low-key iconic as Sparks and pulling the emotional one-two-punch that is ‘Stepping Back in Time’ and ‘Sympathy for the Abyss’ in your 2-and-a-half hour batshit rock opera. You love to see it. 

Said this on Twitter, and I’ll say it again: Simon Helberg rules in this. His soliloquy as he conducts his orchestra has got to be one of the most intense things I’ve seen all year. No, I will still not explain myself. 

Quick ranking of the songs on the album (fave to least fave; there is no best to worst with Sparks):
1. Stepping Back in Time
2. So May We Start?
3. Sympathy for the Abyss
4. Aria (The Forest)
5. I’m An Accompanist
6. You Used to Laugh
7. Girl From the Middle of Nowhere
8. All the Girls
9. Six Women Have Come Forward
10. We Love Each Other So Much
11. Let’s Waltz in the Storm!
12. We’ve Washed Ashore
13. True Love Always Finds a Way
14. She’s Out of This World!
15. Premiere Performance of Baby Annette

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