Annette ★★★★½

Some new things: 
1. This is my first time watching it without being stoned. Yes, it’s just as good! I wanted to see if it was the weed making me an emotional wreck at the end or if it’s just me being a big baby. It’s the latter. 
2. Devyn McDowell is incredible in this, speaking of. I’m so sad the album doesn’t include Sympathy for the Abyss in its entirety. Either way, it’s beautiful, but they cut some of the best stuff for the album edit. 
3. Because I watched this sober, I finally remembered the name of that Sparks song they kept sampling throughout the movie (and blatantly perform at one point)! It’s called Calm Before the Opera (it’s mainly an expansion of a verse in Calm Before the Storm, but it stands really well on its own) and it fucking rules! It’s been so long since I’ve listened to Balls front to back, but it’s one of their best albums, bar none.

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