• Kiss of the Dragon

    Kiss of the Dragon


    Jet li kicks are legendary. Hey Monsieur!! Kicks through the door. hahaha. Come out from the elevator. Kicks to the face.

  • Velaiyilla Pattathari 2

    Velaiyilla Pattathari 2


    Lives up for the exceptions. Overall a good entertainer. The dialogues were great. The song were not bad but the bgm is passable. Anuirdh is bgm is heavy missed.Not great as the first movie but good enough.

  • Vallavan



    A cult classic from Simbu. Can't count how many times i have watched this film. He should get back into directing someday.

  • Sivalinga



    The movie felt like a drag. We have wait till climax to find out the truth. When do find out the truth, i felt cheated. Like seriously , for sake ending the movie you had to come with excuse like that. You have give him credit for keeping it suspense till then end. P.Vasu may have been good commercial director in the past. Chandramukhi would be considered a classic which is a remake but this was total crap.It was he…

  • Remo



    A solid entertainer. What more can we expect from a Sivakarthikeyan movie. Had a blast watching the movie, cause the songs were good and comedy as well. The story was weak. We should leave our brains home and come watch a timepass movie that makes you happy. This movie continues the trend of stalking girls till you win her love.

  • Siva Manasula Sakthi

    Siva Manasula Sakthi


    A game changer when it comes to comedy. It introduced a new chemistry between hero and comedian unlike other films. Santhanam is laugh riot despite having a small role compared to other films of rajesh. The film becomes a drag after the 2nd half. a one time watchable film for its comedy.The film is one big joke really , dunno if the director wanted us to take it seriously or as a joke. If you take out that logic to watch the movie then much appreciable i guess.

  • Idhu Namma Aalu

    Idhu Namma Aalu


    It is a love rom com film. The film protrays how lovers communicate these days with their cellphones. I did not go with any expectations to this film knowing that the film was directed by pandiraj and got what i expected. Soori was a laigh riot with the one liners. Pandiraj is director very dialogue driven and film works with that. He just wanted to entertain the audience and it works. In honestly we felt like we were cheated by…

  • Tumsa Nahin Dekha: A Love Story

    Tumsa Nahin Dekha: A Love Story

    Great Soundtrack though...

  • 7G Rainbow Colony

    7G Rainbow Colony


    A Selvaraghavan classic. It was totally worth it for its 3 hr duration. The film showed so much reality of the daily life of this lowlife youth. Love plays very strong theme here and doesnt feel fake or forced. The climax was heartwrenching.Check this interview out to learn more about the film from him.www.rediff.com/movies/2004/oct/15selv.htm

  • Andha Naal

    Andha Naal

    A classic in Tamil Cinema. I am floored by the fact that this movie made was in 1954. Too bad this talented director didn't make more movies.