A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★

Horror x52 - Rewatch 2

One of the ultimate slasher films, clever in its ideas and marvelous in the execution of its set-pieces. Hard to fathom now with all the jokey/spoof Freddy kruegers just how nasty he is in this film. There are at least 3 scenes that get the hair standing on end, proper spine tingling moments and it's thanks to Cravens technique of weaving dreams and reality together to the point you're not sure which is which.

There are cheesy moments and a couple of hokey performances for sure but it wouldn't be an 80's horror without it. I always preffered this to Halloween (Both wonderfully constructed films) and it shits all over Friday the 13th. First watch in a few years and it still entertains as much as it ever did.

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