Burning ★★★★★

March around the world - South Korea

If you have any intention of watching this film the best way is to go in cold.

I was blown away... Burning is terrific, defying all expectations. Not for a while has a film left me speechless once the credits roll and that's what this film did.

Even while watching it's hard to pinpoint what is happening in Burning... in the best possible way. Starting as a charming love story then slowly turning into some sort of mysterious Psycho-thriller. Wonderfully complex character arcs and a sensational rug pull that keeps you guessing until the point you question what you know is going on.

Another Korean film that deals with class inequality and the massive divide there is in the country. Each character can be seen as just that, the rich fucking over the poor... it would spoil it to go any further. It's probably even richer for Korean speakers.

I could write and talk about Burning in detail but I'll stop myself. Not a minute is wasted, the visuals are just as terrific as the story you are watching, the performances are sensational, as well as the score - multiple layers of depth with a few different readings... uh I'm in awe.

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