Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★

A groovy musical number opens up part 3 and you all ready feel the change from 2 years previous - that this in now all about the fun elements of a body count film. Also it's the one where Jason dawns the hockey mask to which he is now synonymous with.

Pleased to say this is the most enjoyable one so far, it follows the formula to a tee but something is different here, there is a change of tone. It doesn't really try and scare you and usually that's a bad thing but the previous 2 efforts aren't very good in that department anyway. Maybe it's the fact we get more Jason and it drops the mystery elements and now really focusing on the kills.

The setting is the same and maybe it's time to shake that up, which i'm sure they do in the next installment. The made for 3D stuff was pretty poor, some awful shots but hey-ho.

I'm now kind of looking forward to the rest.

Best deaths - The harpoon through the eye was a glorious kill, the hot poker was a nice touch as well.

PS - what the fuck was the biker gang stuff all about, so bad it's awesome.

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