Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

The chemistry of Peter Parker and MJ is great it's sweet, genuine and you can really feel the friendship growing. It's a shame then that the first hour or the set up felt so... tangled although it had its moments in the humour department it felt too self aware and a little forced.

Once the set up is complete I found it really gets going - Gyllenhaals Mysterio is played well and has a natural charm to him. The worlds within the drones are fantastic, a couple of the illusions at points felt nightmarish in a good way.

It still can't get near Raimi's Spiderman 2 for sheer character developement and for that matter visuals of the web slinger gliding through the city.

The second hour once it gets into its stride Far from home is pretty entertaining like the dessert at the end of a filling meal. Holland is a great Spidey and his antics in his home life and with friends is what I could have been doing with a little more.

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