• Single All the Way

    Single All the Way


    queer people are definitely becoming straight

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    “Eu tô presa nessa cidade maldita e não posso ir pra lugar nenhum. Não é que eu tive que vir pra cá, eu nasci nesse maldito lugar!” - Ione Lao de Itapetininga.

  • Brand New Cherry Flavor

    Brand New Cherry Flavor


    Nick Antosca is one of the most creative minds in contemporary horror and gladly we've got to see - what we can fit as - another Channel Zero season. His way of embedding delightful creature feature with jaw-dropping body horror channels from Cronenberg and Clive Barker to Lynchian understanding of mind and its objects is pure fascination.

    Under his creative eye, his works delivered great performances over the years. Even though the cast here is a huge follow up to…

  • Synchronic



    I’m just tired of Hollywood depicting NOLA as a setup for drugs, booze, crime, prostitutes, and parties (such as in Wounds, Girls Trip, Loverbirds, Now You See Me, etc…). It feels like these directors went there for a weekend and didn’t do anything except getting wasted at Bourbon St.

    Synchronic only works at the second half when it finally embraces the black-creole history and struggles as part of an epical sci-fi journey of self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment.

  • My Neighbors the Yamadas

    My Neighbors the Yamadas


    Miyazaki is the magician and Takahata is the poet.