Bringing Up Baby ★★★★★

I would like to pledge a defense over the fact that people (and critics alike) have a serious problem of mistakenly classify this movie as being this supposedly “hilarious screwball comedy” that makes you belly laugh from beginning to end. Sadistic fools all of you! Where in fact this is in Hawk’s genius mind rather a high speed frantic thriller about a poor man, being sucked down in a path of confusion and chaos over the dreadful influence of the maniac stoker Susan, played frighteningly by Katharine Hepburn. Leading the poor man’s that you Cary Grant can play so dam well through a path of palpable and nail biting tension while the misadventures that she leads him to only get insane by the minute involving high speed chases and police scams, and a mind gamely plot-thread involving black leopards that would make Jacques Tourneur’s Cat People run for its money.

Jokes aside, nothing that prevents this beauty of being really the real out loud belly laughing hilarious that everybody deservingly praises this wonder of a movie as. But if you decide of choosing to see it in a dramatically tragicomic perspective Hawks stupendous direction certainly allows it to be. Just to prove how cynically genius this might be as it is frankly open showcase of a masterful screwball comedy Hawks could be. And what is to be said about how magnificent are Hepburn and Grant by every great minute onscreen. Just simply unforgettable!

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