Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★

Once again Marvel picks up and adapts one of theirs most interesting characters, along with a perfect actor on the role with a rich universe and story to be explored .... and once again wastes all the chances of being able to develop so many promising layers gf its character and only concerns in setting it within its humor and entertainment old recipe to put him on the next Avengers 4 or 5 of some sorts.

Maybe Dr. Strange can be a small hint of the possible wear and tear that the Marvel-MCU formula may still have in the future?! But far from having a bad movie here, the journey of Stephen Strange, with an always excellent, charming and charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch, ensures good fun and some EPIC moments with its FANTASTIC surreal visuals worthy of a masterfull visual delight of high pyrotechnics. But the structure of Its history doesn't live up to it. Everything is set in haste and without real cohesion enough to let us feel emotionally the character's existential journey and his arc in this great universe.

Not to mention the ANNOYING use of out-of-place jokes that comes close to the level of the unbearable here, some of it are good and work in certain moments, but others reach the stupid, and dosen't fit in any way into a story with serious dramatic moments and some challenging emotional strikes. Even Cumberbatch looks uncomfortable in some of the Marvel-jokes moments. And, as always, we have along with him EXCELLENT actors, some with a strong stand-outs like Tilda Swinton's The Ancient One with a glittering wisdom in her words and looks, that guarantee some (but brief) quite touching moments, and Mordo as the apparent and charming sideckick (and possible future antagonist) from Chiwetel Ejiofor. Along with, once again, a forgettable villain with a wasted Mads Mikkelsen and a forgettable Rachel McAdams as the love interest.

Far from being the weakest of the MCU movies-franchise, or even a bad one, but it's just a proof that a formula can have a level of tired at a certain point, not everything needs to be laughter and silly! So please Marvel, be more daring and show more of this pyrotechnic trip so much fun in a story a little more cohesive and mature. But the balance here still is positive and watchable!

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