Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★

I miss pre-famous Taika Waititi... I'm afraid the not ashamed of being bold gut busting hilarious films and yet very sweet like What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople and even Thor: Ragnarok won't get made again as he becomes more and more a mainstream voice director... because the formulaic way he drawns here an almost too childish humor just proofed to me him trying to sound appealing and flashy to producers and easy-chew audiences alike. Even if here he does tries to keep his usual dirty humor stitched all together in the midst of the lighter kid friendly structure, but almost in a complete cartoony way I’m afraid.

At the same time it tries to convey the complex metaphors and heavy drama that covers the film stage and themes. Some towards seriously unexpected and great effect like the revelation of the faith from a certain character and the absorbing of its morale from a great (as always) Sam Rockwell. But what it comes to the kids and the usual humor, is all so much conventional ground that it becomes annoying at a certain point, and the overall film just feels uneven and forgettable even if packed with a noticeable heart.

Also uh... Wes Anderson should've directed this. I mean, look at those Hitlerist youth camp scenes in the beginning, shit… Moonrise Kingdom Nazi version should have worked! Not just be a style copycat for no reason whatsoever than try to convey a tone and style. Please go back to indie filmmaking Taika, we can’t lose you like this!

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