Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

Ok... how can I present and put this points of criticsm without making me sound like a nagging MCU hater. Let's face it, that's just impossible in front of people’s easy judgments, especially those who already called this one the best Spiderman movie ever made (deep breath). I'll just start by clearing one obvious thing out of the way: Tom Holland is a enormously talented actor that possesses all the potential to really become what people now decided to call as THE BEST ENCARNATION OF PETER PARKER/SPIDERMAN ever. But again I'll have to unfortunately say, that the character’s films on the MCU are for me, far from getting it right, both as a proper adaptation of what the character and its story really means and represents, and also exploring all the actor's potential as both Peter and Spidey in the proper best way.

To perfectly summarize it:

The first act is a hot mess of hurried-uped pacing that strongly feels narratively lazy, even The Amazing Mess called Andrew Garfield Spiderman had a better sense of first act establishment and setting up development. I'm not even going to point out that the movie is already spends more time and focus on the little pums and jokes rather than any interesting character arc (or at least trying to deal with it in a more mature way) because that would just sound recycled to point out in a MCU film at this point in time.

And if the most likely of arguments be that: hey its a teen/school John Hughes kind of film, It is supposed to have an ease relax dialogue structure while handling Peter’s “journey”, and maintaining a purposefully lighter tone to match the protagonist's young naiveté, and blah blah blah. At the VERY LEAST you could've done that with GOOD humor and not childish and repetitive comic relief tropes. And just don’t use the youngster “naiveté” argument to try to look over a underdevelopment that Peter is been carrying since the first film. Making him either be totally dependent from Tony Stark’s, not only in assistance and help with his tech, but also in character arch and personal drama, with everything since his villains motivations AND his personal lost that will eventually (I guess) make him grow and evolve ALWAYS being evolved with Stark. Need to prove himself to Mr. Stark huh? Be THE NEXT IRON-MAN? The DEFINITIVE Spider-man alright.

I’m not even gonna waste saying all the GREAT Spiderman deeds that he makes in this film. Like… jumping off a bus to shoot a drone over a cell-phone pick, or…have zero to no chemistry with the love interest that OUT OF NOWHERE he is now in love; or reduce Ant-May to nothing AGAIN; or have his identity reve…ANYWAY. But I did tried to find my fare share of entertainment in other departments, despite the action be way better this time around, the big sequence in Veneza is dam fun and with a good enough sense of scale of the chaos, is only kind of lazy helmed in the Ferries Wheel sequence in the second act, or just be the good old cgi battle in the third act that is serviceable.

While Mysterio… is a weird case. The back story and motivation is all the blend generic “betrayed employee” you could expect from a Iron-Man villain, oh wait it was supposed to be a Spiderman villain...ish. But Jake Gyllenhall is SOO GOOD (obviously) that it kind of makes it fun watching him fully over-the-top on the role almost into the cartoony level that he is devouring with so much fun. And the character does weirdly carries a subtle critical message of super-hero idealized imagery on the public’s point of view, and basically says that Peter, and us the fans, look up for this fake powerful white guys on fake suits of motion capture that usually wears gorgeous capes. Kind of hypocrit but who among the die-hard fans of the MCU will really care?!

But hands down, he owns the BEST scene in the movie where they do a pretty good job at showcasing visually the reaches and threaths of Mysterio's power and perfectly captures a comic-book look and feel. So well thought out and shot that I wonder if Sam Raimi had showned up around Sony and directed this scene just for fun, and wonder also WHY THE HELL SUCH CREATIVITY AND CREATIVE COMITMENT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SCENE WASN'T USED IN THE REST OF THE FREAKING MOVIE (deep breath 2.0).

Again... not enough to make me think otherwise of the movie that is still generically blend and fun in small doses, and ONCE AGAIN, I see to much potential being wasted in order of heavy studio restrictions and the most attention being taken to the chewed-up easy-going entertainment. You can love this all you want people and I’ll respect it, but this is not a worthy Spiderman, nor movie or character.

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