Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home

After the massive kaleidoscope that was Endgame, I was curious, to say the least, about Far From Home being the final film in the Infinity Saga, since Endgame WAS the endgame. Now that I’ve seen it, it’s safe to say that this is a perfect...ly okay sequel and a fitting epilogue to the first three phases.

Lemme get some positives out of the way: Tom Holland, great per usual. Jake Gyllenhaal? Totally rocked it as Mysterious. The developing relationship between Peter and MJ? Cute and well handled, surprisingly. And Mysterio’s acid trips were visually satisfying to watch since I pregamed.

The main issue I have with this film is how forgettable it feels. Don’t get me wrong, I like this more than Homecoming (which I’ve only seen once, if I may be honest). But there’s just something about these two Spidey MCU films that just feel second tier Marvel. Which kinda sucks because this was meant to CLOSE close the Infinity Saga. The CGI at times looks obvious (especially some green screen moments) and some characters meant to be comic relief just come off as dumb. Some jokes and gags go on waaaaay too long, and the high school drama came off as cliché.

I’m not gonna elaborate more because it’ll feel like I’m negatively reacting towards the film. It’s a GOOD movie. A fun summer ride. But it didn’t have the lasting appeal I wanted out of the Phase 3 finale. 

Side Notes
• My bisexual energy radiated so hard during the MJ/Peter scenes
THAT music cue was the one touching moment that made me feel more emotion than the rest of the film
• Cobie Smulders FINALLY got an “applause moment” (in my theatre, respectively)
• I definitely thought to myself that there’d be another Captain America PSA during the post-credits scene just to fuck with us
• But let’s just say that EVERYONE in my theatre clapped and roared with happiness during the MID-CREDIT SCENE
• Fucking high school relationships, man

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