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  • El Sur

    El Sur


    The phases of a murky relationship between a girl and her father, set in a misty, northern post-war Spain. 

    This film is captivating, both visually and emotionally, and the audience becomes just as absorbed in the story as the characters themselves. It is one of those films whose imagery will always stay in one’s memory, such as in my favorite scene, where the father and daughter sit distantly across a table from each other in the old café, listening to the eerie sound of a “Pasadoble” that wafts from a wedding in another room, bringing memories of happier and simpler days.

  • Au Revoir les Enfants

    Au Revoir les Enfants


    Malles memories of occupation

    When the film played at Telluride, Malle cried, tears streaming down his cheeks. I knew the first time I saw the film, that it was autobiographical, perhaps this made the film effect me more strongly. Whatever the case, Malle has created a heartbreaking work of genius. Louis Malle had said that he wanted to make this film a long time ago but could not find the strength. The film is not a direct parallel to Malle’s…

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  • High and Low

    High and Low


    A gripping expierience from start to finish.

    To me, this movie is Kurosawa at his best and most subtle. Every shot is composed, measured, and done just right. Not all films have to have bombs exploding, chase scenes, or a few good scares to affect you. Sometimes just a man on a train en route to what he knows will be a catastrophe to him and his world is enough to make you thank the heavens for a story well told.

  • Lucas



    A hidden gem

    This film is truly special. It packs a real emotional punch at a time when most movies involving teens were fairly shallow. We can all relate to Lucas to some degree. I think most of us have all had strong feelings for someone we knew we could never have. This film captures the pain involved with having a crush better than any other I have seen. 

    RIP Corey Ian Haim ♥️