After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

What essentially is after hours,

After hours is a film that proves New York is truly the city that never sleeps, everything feels so lively and bold no matter how dangerous the setting may be to some I can't help but want to visit it. It reflects on the city as a dark heaven in a surrealist way that transports you into the weirdness of everyday life and the strange events that happen inbetween.

After hours proves the simplicity of cinematography can have twice the effect of the typical looking film. The slums at night where nothing seems right. Crime running rampant in the street while them yuppies getting beat, the best way to describe it's feel and tone is suddenly waking up at 2 am and spontaneously deciding to drive to a stake n shake, while the rain is pouring you order a cup of coffee and just sit there enjoying your fleeting moments of silence only accompanied by the drizzle rapidly pelting on the roof.

After hours is a movie that blends style and substance masterfully while making me care about the characters whilst biulding upon it's atmosphere. This is one of those films where I would argue the city is a character as well. New York New York, iconic, well known, a beautiful place indeed. But in the dead of night it's a different story it's not the same place you grew to call home aFtEr HoUrS. That's not just the only thing phenomenal about this film, it makes me care a fair bit about the characters, more specifically the character of Paul. Ordinary guy with an ordinary job. Ordinary name as well, so you might be asking what's so interesting about him. Well he gets tangled up in all these chaotic situations you see him go from a normal and stable man to street prey getting chased down constantly by multiple people. Conflict after conflict just builds upon his character so well you're just wondering when he's gonna snap, the whole film he tries to be reasonable with the people he comes across and as it progresses into more and more madness by the second. It plays out somewhat like a horror movie in a movie like that a character is bound to snap. Tension arises as we wait for the madness to unfold.

After hours feels calm and ferocious at the same time. In those quiet moments you can almost feel as if there are multiple screams in the background. It's a movie that feels relaxing to look at and tense to listen too.

After hours proves that no matter how big the world is, us humans can intertwine in the most absurd ways possible. The people Paul meet in that one very night have all something to do with eachother. It starts small and simple with a girl. Calmly siting across the diner from Paul while he reads a book. She calls out to him and says how much she loves literature, needless to say they exchange numbers. The girl has a connection to the bartender who has a connection to some fellow gangsters that Paul comes across later in the film.

After hours is a film that proves simping is not good for you or anyone you are associated with.

After hours is a film that is far better than it's 2017 remake. (good time)

After hours proves even the most "forgotten" Scorsese film is still very noteworthy and sure as hell more memorable than most oscar winners like "Shakespeare in love"

After hours is a film that proves cinema is great, and I apologize if this review is short but I promise you the next time I see this i'm going do a big entry on this masterpiece.

This film should be called Paul and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night.

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