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This review may contain spoilers.

One of the best movies of last year bong Jon ho directed this movie and it stars song kang ko, park so dam and Choi woo shik (correct me if I spelled that wrong.) This movie is a masterclass of a film being the first non English film to win best picture. My favorite aspect of the film is the blend of genres, one second you are laughing the next you are at the edge of your seat. It's a thriller, comedy, horror, suspense, and a satire on the current social issue of class divide. The words said by bong Jon ho about this movie are "it's a comedy without clowns and a tragedy without villans." Meaning it's somthing completely different and more grounded.

Another aspect I enjoyed was it's originally. These days most movies are based on books, plays, real life or there remakes sequles etc, but this felt fresh and original in every way possible. Never feeling like a copy of any other movie. You never know where this movie will go it can just switch genres in the matter of a second and still feel fresh. The bunker twist in the middle was completely surprising and had subtle forshadoing with the kids drawing but it never felt predictable in any way.

The symbolism was also very interesting. The title is parasite referring to the Kim family. A parasite is when somthing slowly starts to take over your body just like the Kim family started to take over the park house and spread. It all started with ki woo then he got his sister to work there then his dad then the mom slowly starting to take over like a parasite. Another thing I noticed was the use of stairs. The Kim family live partly underground the lower you are the more poor you are. The use of stairs is very present in the film the parks live on this giant hill meaning they're rich and high up but in the bunker down below there are no windows unlike the Kim semi basement. Meaning someone could be more poor. When we see the Kims escape the park house they keep going down and down until they see their house which is completely flooded

The divide between the rich and the poor where very thought provoking in this film in one scene when the parks come home from the camping trip because rain da song is sad because he wanted to go camping but the Kim have bigger stuff to deal with relating to the rain like how their freaking house flooding and they have to sleep in a shelter the next day while Mrs park was choosing what to wear in her big closet the people in the shelter are fighting for clothes to even borrow. In a scene shortly after that Mr Kim is driving Mrs park to the store and she is saying how the rain is a blessing but little does she know. In another scene Mrs park eats ram dom but she adds steak to it to make it seem less cheap.

The birthday party scene most anxiety inducing thing ever ki kung deserved better watch this movie NOW.

Also my vice principal doesn't know what the he'll she's talking about when she says this film is bad.

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