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This review may contain spoilers.

I don’t know how to write about Burning so Ill just get this out of the way: the jazz-dance scene was something else. I got some serious chills from it. Technically the whole movie was great: lighting, camerawork and score fit the slow-paced narrative perfectly, at least at the start. Though at times I felt liked some decisions with the editing contradicted itself. Or maybe the style changed after the “pacing switch” in the second half.

Alright, story-wise I don’t know how to feel about it. On one hand I adore it, but then on the other hand I have know idea what even happened so can I love it?
I try to go into movies with as little knowledge as I can but I could’ve used some context for this one. There were few things that weren’t explored, like the North Korean border stuff so I don’t know if it was relevant. I don’t feel like it was but then again, the class difference and economics were thematically extremely important. One thing I’ve seen criticism for, is how Haemi is treated but just I don’t understand how the movie encourages oppression of women. In my opinion it does the opposite because you are supposed to question everything and if not before the end, at least then you will realize Jong-su is a sociopath. Just like Ben is. It didn’t matter if she was killed. What matters is that she was the victim anyhow (if it was real - I don’t know what was - I guess it all was).

Anyways, this movie creates a unique atmosphere and even if the second half switched to a little more of a thriller, I still think it was balanced. Extremely well made film by a director whose work I will definitely check out more.

(Sorry if the review was all over the place. Havent had that much time to think about this or anything else apart from school.)

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