Midsommar ★★★★½

"Mighty and dreadful beast. With you, we purge our most unholy affects. We banish you now to the deepest recesses, where you may reflect on your wickedness."

I know me calling every movie I rewatch basically flawless isn't a proper review but apart from wishing everyone happy Florence Pugh Day, I only have a few things to add. In the beginning 25 minutes Pugh already delivers one of the most captivating performances I've ever seen. I have no words for how brilliant she is in this movie. And Aster's direction gives her, and everyone else, so much room to work with thanks to his utilization of mirrors and long takes - one of my favorite close-ups too at the start (Dani on the phone with Christian). It's such a well crafted start that the film's shift of focus toward Hårga immediately infuses Dani and Christian's problems into the cult. Aster's ability to blend elements whether thematic or formal can also be seen in the fusion of background and foreground. There's so much richness in the tracking shots and the eye for detail is phenomenal. I'm swept away by the world, the cult, and the characters - I don't really understand how people can't understand everyone's motivations, like why they stick around in the cult aside from being literally drugged (especially in the director's cut which isn't mandatory but I think it's better).

Anyways, hope everyone has had a good and prolific start to the year.

Great performances - Florence Pugh
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