Midsommar ★★★★½

Fifth watch so I'm getting a little tired of writing about Midsommar, but maybe eventually I'll combine my best points from all reviews into something actually worthy. I think the only thing worth adding that I haven’t touched on is the exoticism of the cult. I remember there was some conversation that people actually believed in this, although I don't know how serious they were. But it's tragically funny because on one hand it ties into orientalism or general exoticism toward different cultures and on the other hand into Josh and Christian's desire to stay in Hårga, despite all the warning signs that would lead to their demise. Of course they're fucked in any case but it's a nice touch that not only works as a fake antropological study about the people studying the cult more than the object of the study itself (not that I find the cult uninteresting) but it also gives us more understanding of the toxic, unresponsive situation Dani is in with Christian and his friends by expanding their douchery (not that it demands expanding).

Tradition forming, HBD to Florence!

Virginia Woolfs, Lighthouses
Toxic relationships
Great performances - Florence Pugh

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