something that dosent make any sense is when people say they’ll never watch a movie because of its long runtime. this is the most bullshit excuse to not watch something.  you’re missing out on the fantastic content because of a films runtime

It’s no different than binging an entire season of a show. each episode is an hour. these movies can be watched in multiple sittings if that’s what you need.

Still the runtime is no excuse to miss out on some of the greatest films of all time. honestly it’s probably so people can just make an excuse for not watching foreign film

I enjoy when films are longer, it means there is more content for me to get out of it. it means the director put more of their time and effort to make something they feel accomplished with. most of the time it means they were able to create what they intended without pressure from the studio.

this is why they sometimes a extended edition is released because it was what they had to cut out to make it suitable for its theatrical release.

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