Parasite ★★★★★

A story of two families at opposite sides of the social spectrum. The poor ('Kim) family hatch a scheme to become employed by the wealthy ('Park') family, by posing as professional / qualified workers. 

A powerful thriller / black comedy from Bong Joo-ho. 

The less you know going into this film, the better. 

A meticulously crafted affair focusing upon class, wealth, and social inequities. Surprisingly universal - these themes reflect and relate in western cultures, as well as they do in eastern cultures. A fairly straightforward 'upstairs - downstairs' concept littered with twists, revelations and soulful tragedy. Each frame thoughtfully constructed and loaded with details and leading motifs. It's Hitchcock-level visual storytelling. The class divide is apparent and meticulously defined - from costuming, use of dialogue, diets, to living spaces. The question of 'who is the Parasite?' (be it society itself, prevalent capitalism, the Kims, the Parks) poses the resonating issue. 

The performances are fantastic, and their characters beautifully realised. The score compliments the events wonderfully - with simple piano melodies eventually swelling into grand, orchestral movements. Well paced, gripping and boasting a knock-out climax.

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