Skyfall ★★★

A recent assignment for MI6 agent James Bond (Craig) goes horribly wrong. Bond is compromised, wounded and presumed dead. An out of shape Bond is located and brought back into service, following a series of terrorist strikes upon MI6. Bond chases flamboyant terrorist / ex-MI6 operative 'Silva' (Bardem).

Slick spy / action sequel. Bloated, ambitious, opulent, visually stylish and boasting some solid action sequences. Choosing to impair and 'open up' Bond is an interesting choice, and adds a layer of vulnerability to the typically polished character. The performances are fine across the board, with Craig, Dench and Finney particularly solid. Bardem feels oddly authentic despite his cartoonish approach, while Harris / Craig chemistry feels a little off. A climactic 'Home Alone' style battle in the misty Scottish highlands is dazzling.

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