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  • Us


    This is so great. Peele's progression from Get Out to this remarkable and makes me very excited about his future.

    Most horror movies are lacking in two areas: script and performance. Us is especially strong in the latter. Lupita is obviously fantastic. She moves with force in regular form, scared yet defensive. Her face belies terror well. Her doppelgänger is even better; she croaks and contorts so effectively. Everyone else is strong as well.

    The plot holes don't matter to me either. Horror has dream logic.

  • Old Joy

    Old Joy

    I love the quiet immersion of this film. The work of carrying a hard friendship. The rambling conversation. The mutual, uniquely expressed support. A beautiful look at male friendship. Lucy almost steals the show.

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  • Burning


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Saw this again last night and it's really so masterful how it's built and paced. Also strange to see complaints about the digital photography on here when I felt like it suited the world so well. One of the best uses of digital is to go ultra dark, they really take advantage of that. Also, there's a real modernity that comes across with it. Maybe this is just my foreigner's perspective, but the modernity of Seoul, especially in the gleaming…

  • Faces


    Has any other American film ever been so cutting, so caustic about middle class life?

    It weighs a ton in 2018. Imagine how it must have felt 50 years ago? Nevermind acid and Woodstock, this was real freakout of the 60s.