Another Round

Another Round ★★★★★

BFI London Film Festival 2020 - Film 10 (@ Curzon Soho)

First of all, the intro to this movie was incredibly brief, but it made such a good impression. Thomas Vinterberg (co-writer; director) and Tobias Lindholm (writer) seem like two of the nicest people, two blokes that - ironically - I'd love to have a drink with.

Now it's not often that a film becomes an instant favourite of mine at first viewing. But, that's exactly what happened here. It's razor-sharp, absolutely hilarious, and deeply tragic. I was crying with laughter at points and crying with grief at others. And the cinematography and direction are so incredible. There's this discernable grain to the film, and it's all beautiful handheld long-shots. Regina King should be taking notes. If you are watching this, though, (which you absolutely should because it's probably the best film of the year so far), know that's is incredible throughout, but it's the last 3 minutes that truly make it a great movie. One of my favourite endings of all time. It is, as Vinterberg said in the intro, 'a real celebration of life'. Sorry Chris, I still love Tenet, but this MIGHT be the best film of the year, so far (EDIT: It is).

Tomorrow: The Salt in our Waters, Shadow Country

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