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This review may contain spoilers.

It feels like for literally the first 2/3 of this movie absolutely nothing happens. But that last 1/3, oh man - it rips through you. I don't usually go into spoilers in reviews, but it's almost impossible to talk about this movie without going there, so I shall.

This movie wants you to be on one character's side, I think, and they do this by mostly engrossing us in their perspective. But to be honest, I never really was on their side - too many things seemed oft kilter to me, even before things go seriously sideways. They never felt to me like a friendly, happy, or helpful presence - they felt to me, not to put too fine a point on it, like a "nice guy." So I may be old, but this is at least my understanding of "nice guys" - they are fellows who believe that if they do enough nice things that they will have earned a woman's love, and that they are owed that love by virtue of the nice things they have done. They approach romance in a transactional manner. And to me, that is exactly how our main character approached his relationship with the girl in our film, and when, predictably, the girl decides that this is not how she wants to endeavor in romance, he becomes unhinged. That unhinging ultimately leads us to the film's conclusion, which suffice to say I think leaves a lot of food for thought, but I am decidedly on the side of one of the characters and it not the main one.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this as a think piece, but for me it was so slow moving in the first 2/3 that I didn't outright love it. I also don't know why the elements regarding the father or the farm were there - they felt out of place to me. But thanks for recommending this - I liked it a lot!