The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★½

I think this movie has to be the one I’ve seen in theaters where I was most desperate for subtitles. The invective hurled by Dafoe and Pattinson is so fast and full of rage that I have no doubt it’ll be quoted for years. It’s a slow burn too - the first twenty minutes of this practically play out like a silent film (besides the ever present fog horn), but once Dafoe and Pattinson start talking the train of yelling hardly ever stops.

The shots are also incredible - any time there’s a close up of either of our leads’ faces, the way the light and shadows plays across their faces is a feat to behold. The sound design is also quite interesting at parts, especially towards the end.

The story is a bit cliched, from what I could understand of it (again, I needed those subtitles!) but that’s to be expected when you have two leads isolated on an island with no way of escape. That premise more or less has to lead to where this movie goes, but the execution is so well done that it doesn’t matter too much.

All in all, definitely a recommend.

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