A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★

What a satisfying sequel. Again, Krasinski makes you really care for this family and their collective well-being by leaving you behind with each one individually in a nonstop tense and uncomfortably quiet environment making sure each member has their moment of complete human foolishness and badassery. Hadn’t been to a movie theatre since late February of last year before the entire enchilada fell off that soggy ass plate, I’ve been told this was supposed to come out around that time as well so the fact that this film was the film that finally brought me back to the butter scented sticky floored dark room I love and missed was special as a film this immersive that allowed me to hear the self-awared popcorn chewing of everyone around let me know we’re getting back to normal, we just gotta let that popcorn melt a little in our mouth before we chew and swallow. Thanks to Jules and Fred for the solid!

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