Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

Shin Godzilla is the first entry in the Reiwa series of the franchise. After seeing Godzilla 2014, a couple years later this entry was released in select theaters and I watched it on the big screen twice. This is considered to be my first Godzilla film I’ve seen that was made in Japan instead of the US.

This is actually a reboot in the entire franchise as you get to see Gojira to be a mutated monster and he looks pretty funny at first, but then you get to see it evolve and he almost looks like the original Godzilla from ‘54. What also makes this movie unique besides Godzilla’s design is how realistic if Godzilla does invade in modern day Japan where politicians have the pressure and make tough decisions based on Political Red Tape as they waste time after making careful decisions based on regulations while Gojira is destroying half the city instead of making the most simplistic countermeasures from the previous installments. Pretty much sums up on how accurate it is in today’s political climate.

There are flaws present though as there is so much dialogue in this that it does ruin the pacing. We do get to see Godzilla wrecking havoc in the first act but after that, get ready for long conversations from the human’s perspective about the theories and information on Gojira and quick camera shots to indicate frantic. It does wear you out even when reading the subtitles until the film finally picks up when Godzilla is in action. I still say the human characters are interesting and it does keep you hooked based on how they find out more about the king of the monsters.

This is a great modern Godzilla film to start with from beginners who want to get into the franchise other than the original. I still love this film despite its minor flaws and I say give it a watch.

Godzilla’s Screen Time Rating: 3/5

Destruction/Clash Rating: 3/5

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