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  • In a Lonely Place

    In a Lonely Place

    IN the Criterion special features, Curtis Hanson says the script originally had Bogart kill Grahame at the end. But he decided to film an alternate ending, which was eventually the one they used. Good choice.

    Also, the book this is based on apparently has the Dick Steel (best name ever lol) character being a mass murdering psycho who stalks and murders women. So basically, they just bought the book rights to use the great title and the great main character's name (Dick Steel lol).

  • Hombre


    Inadvertently did an Elmore Leonard retrospective this week.

    Shot by James Wong Howe, who shot Seconds the year before. Way different look.

    Great story, as expected from da homie Elmore. Wish it had more of Paul Newman hanging out with the Indians.

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