Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

So I recently re-watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople and this is what I've got to say-this is easily one of the best family films ever made.

One thing I've got to commend Taika Waititi on is his grasp on how young people and old people act. Ricky Baker, while iconic, acts like a normal teenager would in his situation and Hec reminds me a lot of all the oldish people I know. The chemistry between the two actors-Sam Neill and Julian Dennison-is also just brilliant. Both add so much depth to their characters through their performances and it was both fun and emotional to watch.

I also liked how the humour in the first "Chapter" wasn't just funny, it had heart to it as well. This was because the best humour came from Rima Te Wiata (Aunt Bella) poking fun at Ricky but you could tell it came from a genuine sense of love and care which was touching because you knew how much shit Ricky had been through.

But man, I need to get on to Taika Waititi's sense of humour. His comedy writing is demonstrated probably the best in a funeral scene that stars himself and the character of Paula, the Child Services Person.

I think there were only one or two jokes where I didn't laugh and the rest of his writing is just gold.

Now one problem I could see people having with Taika Waititi's direction is that it seems like a copy of Wes Anderson from the quirky characters, some the editing and a story that is a tiny bit reminiscent of Moonrise Kingdom. But really the similarities to Anderson are small and Waititi is obviously out to make his own film and style and he succeeds in spades with his original characters, sharp editing and beautiful framing.

In terms of flaws there was a minuscule flaw in the first 3 minutes with audio involving Ricky in a car and the rest of the characters outside but it wasn't even a flaw, it was just if it was presented better it would've been more impressive.

There was also a really ambitious 360 degree shot in the film that looked like the frame rate was a little messed up but the closer I looked at it the less weird it looked so it might have just been the projector I was watching it on.

But if there was a concrete flaw that I can pick out of this film-it's that it looses a tiny bit of steam in a 10 minute portion that I cannot really pin point for some reason so I guess it's not too much of a big deal.

But apart from those flaws that hardly had any bearing on my viewing experience I loved Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It was emotional, had scenes of hilarity, intensity or both and is loaded with so much style in the writing and the directing and shit I forgot, the soundtrack is killer, which is why I implore you to watch this film as soon as you can.

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